Medicaid Information Arkansas

Medicaid Information Arkansas
DHS Request for 2014 –  $1.15 billion in general revenues up from $803 million needed to cover the $358 million shortfall
DHS Request for 2015 – $1.27 billion in general revenue to cover an estimated shortfall of $467 million
Proposed expansion of  the Medicaid program in AR is not included in these figures. This will add roughly 250 thousand people to the Medicaid rolls. The federal government will fund the expansion completely until 2017 at which time the state must assume 10% of the cost.
Number of covered individuals:
2013- 792,000
2014- 808,000
2015- 824,000
Governor Beebe is looking for ” some combination of new general revenues and one time money from our $197 million dollar surplus to help fund the shortfalls.” Funding the  expansion of the Medicaid program in AR will take a three-fourths vote of both houses and this will be the major political battle during the 2013 legislative session.